On the 11 of June 2021, we completed our last characterization of marine litter for BLUENET project. This time we analyzed the marine litter collected by the trawler ‘Eguzkilore’, our only beam trawler collaborating with BLUENET’s Fishing for Litter initiative, as well as the litter produced onboard. This trawler operates in the Atlantic, VI-VII-AVIIIabd zones from mid-September until mid-July, and her fishing trips lasts 6 days totalling approx. 40 fishing trips per year. 

Thanks to the collaboration with other fisheries project, we also assisted our colleagues from project CASELEM (https://www.azti.es/proyectos/caselem/) who onboard the R/V EMMA recovered a fishing net that was adrift.  

In total there were more than 100 kg of marine litter characterized, from which 82% were fishing related items such as pieces of nets, cords and buoys.  

We want to thank the fishers who collect the litter they find while fishing and bring it to port. 

Keep going!