BLUENET joined two interesting events the last week of February. The first one was the Basque Ecodesing Meeting, held on February 26 -28 in Bilbao. This event gathered several sectors and institutions to share their experiences, challenges and synergies about the circular economy and eco-design. The majority of the speakers agreed with the circularity as only viable alternative to live in the capabilities of our planet. Especially inspiring the presentation of Elisa Tonda, Head of the Consumption and Production Unit in UNEP Economy Division, who underlined the importance of the circularity approach for fighting plastic pollution from a Life Cycle Perspective. She also stressed that circularity requires creativity and cooperation among all value chain actors.

The second event was the presentation of European Interreg project Circularseas  – Turning ocean plastic waste into green products for maritime industries – that was held on 27th of February in Ondarroa (Basque Country). BLUENET team explored the synergies of both projects that surely will be fruitful in the near future.

Great experiences that enrich the vision of BLUENET team!