Twice a year, BLUENET team meets to summarize and exchange views on the work performed during the preceding six months. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the representatives were not able to meet in person for the 6th July 2020 for its 3rd  Progress Meeting so, and instead this time, the team met virtually facing the challenge to fit the discussion within only one morning.  

The meeting started with an overview on the financial and administrative situation of the project. Then, each WP leader reported the results achieved so far and the main tasks scheduled for the forthcoming months. The key milestones of the reviewed period  were: (1) the production of recycled ropes,  (2)  the machine seeding of the nets, (3) the launching of them at sea and the start of the on growing tests at the aquaculture site of Mendexa (as part of WP4), (4) the preparation of the scientific publications resulting from the WP1 regarding the marine litter input from aquaculture, and the application of the DAPSIWRM methodology to define the perspective of different stakeholders on the marine litter production by aquaculture and possible solutions. 

During this different but also very productive meeting, we were privileged to count with Charlotte Jagot, our BLUENET’s EASME monitor who joined us during the whole working session and actively participated in the discussion. Charlotte was able to observe first-hand the project progress and experiencing of the BLUENET team.  

   Thank you to all participants for their effort and hope to see you in 6 months, hopefully in person!