During February and March 2019, we hold several meetings with the fishing sectors, port service representatives and waste managers of the ports of Bermeo, Ondarroa, Getaria and Hondarribia to present BLUENET.

The meetings had a twofold objective. The first was to present the objectives regarding the Fishing for Litter initiative envisaged within the project and to obtain a list of volunteers. Fishing for Litter being a new activity in the region, in some of the meeting we had the pleasure to be joined by the Basque Government fisheries and aquaculture director Leandro Azkue, who highlighted the importance of keeping our oceans clean and healthy to guarantee sustainable fishing.

The second was to establish the logistics to equip the vessels and ports to receive the litter collected during the Fishing for Litter and the discarded nets and ropes of the fishers. For this second objective the presence of waste managers and port representatives was key to start establishing a feasible procedure.

14/02/2019: Meeting in Bermeo (fishing sector, Basque Government)

28/2/2019: Meeting in Bermeo (waste managers)

06/03/2019: Meeting in Getaria (fishing sector, port representative, waste managers)

12/03/2019: Meeting in Ondarroa (port representative)

13/03/2019: Meeting in Hondarribia (fishing sector)